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Ankara Milli Piyango Anadolu Lisesi

Found in: High schools in Turkey

Ankara Milli Piyango Anadolu Lisesi is an Anatolian High School in Ankara, founded by the Turkish National Lottery Administration and given to the Turkish Ministry of Education in 1992. The school is located in the upscale district of Ankara called Gaziosmanpaa. With the help of its location and the newer building (at 1992) the school very quickly became one of the best Anatolian High Schools in Ankara. In the following years, MPAL students showed distinctive performance in OSS (University Entrance Exam), which provided a popularity boost to school.

Because of the successful OSS performance of the school, most of the students who show better performance in the OKS (High School Entrance Exam) choose MPAL for their high school education in Ankara.

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