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International Schools Group

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The International Schools Group (ISG) is a Saudi Arabia based organization which runs a number of international schools in the country.


ISG schools are primarily English-using and follow American, British or international curricula. The first school in the group was opened in 1962, and the second in 1975. As of 2005, the group includes 7 schools with a total of some 2,200 students.

American Division

* Dhahran Elementary / Middle School (Grades Pre-KG 8)

* Dhahran High School (Grades 9 12)

* ISG Jubail (Grades 7 9)

* Yanbu International School (Grades Pre-Kg 12)

British Division

* Dhahran British Grammar School (Pre-reception Year 11)

International Division

*ISG Abqaiq (Grades KG 9)

*ISG Dammam (Grades Pre-KG 12) Note: Formerly known as Rahima Academy

International Primary Curriculum:

*ISG Jubail (Grades Pre-KG 6) (formerly Jubail American School and Jubail British School)

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