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The Dewaniya is a fundamental part of Kuwaiti life. Hence, it has become a mark in their traditional daily life.

A place that is separate from the main house and usually used by men for social gathering, it offers a unique insight into local life. Within a social atmosphere the Dewaniya provides a meeting place for discussions on politics, business, and life a kind of forum that provides a barometer of public opinion. All Kuwaiti men belong to or own a Dewaniya something that has existed throughout the history of the country.

Dewaniya has several types, private, public and family. The private is just for close friends who usually gather daily and public are fixed with a weekly timing where anyone can visit, while family dewaniya, is an official gathering of prominent family, where all people can come and meet the family members.

Most Dewaniyas start after the sunset till midnight the whole year round and recently it started having a break in summer.

Dewaniya came from Dewan, an Indian word which means a well-known official place were people can meet the host of the Dewan when they need anything. The most well-known Dewan is the Prime Minister of India's Dewan.

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