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More Than 1000 Words

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'...More Than 1000 Words' is a documentary film written, directed, shot, and edited by Solo Avital.

The film explores the relationship between the photographer Ziv Koren and his work covering the Israel-Palestine conflict. It depicts his involvement covering various events over a two-year period up to Israel's withdrawal from Gaza. Director Solo Avital seeks to shed light on how and why a man such as Koren would leave his wife and daughter to work as a photographer in a dangerous war zone.

Awards and Nominations

2007 Winner, Warsaw Phoenix Award, Jewish Motifs International Film Festival (Poland)

2006 Best Feature Documentary, Winnipeg International Film Festival (Canada)

2006 Best Israeli Film and Best of Fest, Youngstown's Jewish Film Festival (USA)

Best Professional Documentary Award, REEL to REEL Film Festival (USA)

Margrit & Robert Mondavi Prize for Peace and Understanding, Napa Sonoma Film Festival (USA)

Best Feature Film Award, BRIDGE International Film Festival (Canada)

2006 Best Feature Documentary Nominee, Calgary International Film Festival (Canada)

2006 Best Feature Documentary Nominee, Marbella International Film Festival (Spain)

2006 Best Foreign Film Award Nominee, Long Island International Film Expo (USA)

Best Editing Nominee, Woodstock Film Festival

Best Documentary Feature Nominee, Vancouver International Film Festival

Best Feature Documentary Nominee, Seattle International Film Festival

Best Social Documentary Nominee, STVF Shanghai International TV Film Festival (China)

Produced by: MOOVIE the art of entertainment GmbH

In association with: Happyzoda Films

Produced for: KESHET channel 2 broadcasting ISRAEL

Telepool Munich

Sponsored by: The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV

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