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Tangeh Savashi

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Tangeh Savashi is a popular tourist attraction in Iran.

Located 15 kilometers west of Firouzkouh, 9 kilometers north of the Firouzkouh-Damavand road in Tehran Province, it is a mountain pass narrow of the Alborz range. The narrow gorge has been created by a year round stream of water originating from a series of waterfalls upstream.

The stream also provided a small hilly area within the mountains with lush grazing land. Until recently the area was populated by various wildlife and the Qajar king Fath Ali Shah maintained a hunting lodge there.

To commemorate his hunts, Fath Ali Shah ordered the carving of a relief in the mid way point of the pass. The remains of a Qajar guard tower also remain at the top of one of the mountain passes.

Today, the relief is a popular tourist attraction and the location is also highly popular among Trekking and Hiking fans.

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