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Parse Semiconductor Co.

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Parse Semiconductor Co. was established in 2003 in Tehran, Iran, is a digital design house for ASIC, SoC and FPGA designs. The company recently announced it has designed and produced a 32 bit computer microprocessor inside the country for the first time. [*]

The computer microprocessor called Aristo has been manufactured by Iranian researchers and engineers at Parse Semiconductor with the supports the company has received from the Modern Industries Center of the ministry of Industries of Iran. In addition Parse has released its own chip called Tachra, which includes the Aristo processor core, together with a suite of Tachra development tools.

Designed and manufactured in conformity with SPARC processors architecture, Aristo stands to the international standards and can well compete with similar processors existing in the market. The newly Iran-made computer microprocessor can be used in communications projects, auto-manufacturing industry, industrial automation, robotic systems and artificial intelligence, computer and data transfer networks, etc.

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