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About Bebin.TV

Bebin.tv (www.bebin.tv) is a free broadband television network featuring original lifestyle and cultural programming on-line and on-demand. Bebin.tv provides a medium where content can be made available to anyone, any place, any time on any device (Must have windows media player 5 & above).

Bebin.tvs programs consist of short segments, each just a few minutes long, available on demand. A unique blend of programs that capture variety and excitement; music videos, celebrity interviews, young fashion trends, pay per view movies and concerts, comedy, and reality series.

Our very own team of expert producers and hosts strive to produce original programs on topics that interest todays young generation. We also encourage viewers to send us their own video clips telling a story from their own perspectives. We call them vPods.

Bebin.tv has invested heavily in content and technology to bring viewers unmatched quality. It is the only entertainment channel for todays youth; from Sydney to Los Angeles, Stockholm to Rio and all around the world.

Life is unpredictable, unrehearsed, unscriptedand Bebin.tv is there. We search the world for stories that are fascinating, dramatic and entertaining. We select the best of the best and create our own unique blend of programming.

Short Summary

Bebin TV (Bebin in Persian means "look") is an online TV network created by Persians living in the west with 4 channels: Bebin, Music, Life and Vpod. English and Persian are spoken with equal frequency throughout the network, some programs do offer English subtitles. One of the features that makes this network unique is the ability given to all watching to create his/her own video and upload it for everyone else's entertainment in the Vpod channel. Also, unlike regular TV, this network allows the viewer to change programs at will, if you don't like what's on, you can simply change it and watch what pleases you most.


Bebin.tv came in 3rd in the Best Video Blog category at the 2007 'Best of the Blogs Awards' from Deutsche Welle (only 1% shy of the 2nd Place spot!)


The Office Weekly comedy sketch loosely based on the NBC hit tv seriesThe Office. Weekly topics revolve around issues that young Iranians, especially 2nd generation Iranians living outside of Iran can relate to. Written and Directed by Tiam Rahimi and starring the entire cast of bebin.tv]

Mel Talk Weekly show hosted by Melissa Shoshahi. A comedic look at the week's crazy current events, hilarious headlines as well as segments such as "Hottie of the Week" and "Word of the Week"

City Talk Program hosted by Ladan Roxy Ziapour with weekly updates on new movie releases, as well as movie news, album and book reviews, websites and events. The end of the program features the "City TALK of the Week" which is a question that engages audiences to discuss further on the bebin blog page.

Tehrangeles Written and Directed by Mani Talebi

Greatest Hits A countdown of Singers and Songwriters with a Top Ten list of their best work ever. Written, Produced and Edited by Raha Etemadi

History of the Song A historic look at some of the most famous Iranian songs.

Bebin Profile Interviews with Icons, Legends & Rising Stars

Reality Television

Tiam's True Love

Babak's Great Adventures

Bebin Food

Samira's Deriving School

Rap Gap

Bebin Investigates

Bebin Style

Bebin Showbiz

This Week in Pictures

New Music Videos



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